Mischief Movie Night In supporting Samaritans


Final chance to see on demand from Friday 4 to Monday 7 February

captioning now available





FINAL CHANCE: Available 4-7 February

'The Wizard of Paddington Station'

in support of the Samaritans



Mischief, the award-winning team behind The Play That Goes Wrong and the BBC comedy series The Goes Wrong Show, are serious about silliness and proud to be supporting the Central London Samaritans’ Brew Monday Campaign, with fundraising happening throughout January. In a bid to help those powering through the cold winter months, the Samaritans are partnering with Mischief to bring smiles, comedy and laughter to audiences watching on stage and screen.

Booking has been extended due to popular demand, now is your last chance to purchase fundraising passes from 4-7 February just £7.50, with profits donated to Samaritans.

After the roaring success of Mischief Movie Night In, the team have chosen one of their favourites for you to laugh along with all over again. The audience directed the movie live on the night of its broadcast – choosing the genre, location and title. Now you can sit back and relax in the comfort of your sofa, as Mischief improvisers bring that movie to life, including rewinds, fast forwards, director’s cuts and a live band entirely improvising the live score throughout.



How do I purchase a pass?

Please click here to book your pass via the TicketCo website. 

Where is my booking confirmation/link?

Your booking confirmation was sent to you via email and SMS at the time of purchase. If you can’t find your confirmation, please check your spam folder and text messages. You can also request for this to be resent on the TicketCo website by clicking ‘FIND YOUR PURCHASED TICKETS’ and entering your email address HERE

Where is the link/how do I watch the video?

To open the stream please click the link in your SMS or click on the PLAY button in your confirmation email from TicketCo. The email and SMS were sent at the time of purchase.

You can also enter your code direct into your TV app and HERE When you enter your code make sure there are no spaces or capital letters.

I am watching via the TicketCo App on my TV – where do I find my code?

Your code is in your confirmation email under ‘THIS IS YOUR REFERENCE CODE FOR THE PURCHASE’ and in your SMS where it says ‘Your Ticket info: ref#’ 

What devices can I watch on?

You can watch in a browser on any laptop, mobile or tablet device – as well as with Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, AirPlay and Android TV, full info is HERE. 

The video won’t load on my Amazon Fire Stick

If the TicketCo app is not currently working for you, we suggest you use the Silk browser on the Fire Stick to watch. Open the browser, then head HERE to watch. Make sure you have your reference number to hand, which is in your confirmation email/SMS. When you enter your code make sure there are no spaces or capital letters.

The video won’t load on my Chromecast

You’ll need to use the Chrome browser in order to cast. Copy the link from your email, open it in the Chrome app on your mobile or laptop, sand then cast it to your television. When you enter your code make sure there are no spaces or capital letters.

I’ve logged in but the picture seems frozen

You need to hit the little play icon.

The video isn’t loading

Try refreshing the page then clicking the PLAY button. Please ensure you are only watching on ONE device, the link will not work on multiple devices. Alternatively, try logging in HERE - with your reference code. If this doesn’t work see if you can login via another browser or device.

The sound isn’t working

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The quality of the video is poor

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What platform do you use to stream / broadcast?

We use the TicketCo streaming / video on demand platform.

How long is the video ?

Approx. 1 hr 15 mins

Can I purchase a pass for someone else?

Yes, you can purchase a pass and forward the email to the recipient. Please be aware that each booking link will only work on ONE device. 

What is the age recommendation?

The age recommendation of 11+ is a guide – and we have had Mischief Makers of all ages watching along! 

How long is the video available to watch after I have purchased?

Viewing must commence within 7 days from the time of purchase and then must be completed within 48 hours.


If you are unable to find the answer to your question above, please contact us via email [email protected]